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Cancer Driver LncRNA Discovery



ExInAtor is a pipeline for discovering cancer driver lncRNAs with an enrichment of somatic mutations in their exons, compared to the background mutation rate.

Our latest version is accessible from GitHub.

In our paper we tested arround 6 thousand lncRNAs from Gencode V19 with than 20 million somatic variants from 1112 whole genomes with ExInAtor. Below there is a summary of the top drivers discovered with a false discovery rate (FDR) cutoff of 0.1.

Legend: Pc – PanCancer; Ex mut - number of exonic mutations; Ex len - total exonic length of gene (bp); Intr mut - number of background mutations; Intr length - background region length for gene (bp); Pval - uncorrected p-value; Qval - q-value, equivalent to False Discovery Rate; Ex mut rate - exonic mutation rate (mutations per kb); Intr mut rate - background mutation rate (mutations per kb); Ratio - ratio of mutation ratio in exonic and background regions; Super_pc - Super pancancer, all cancers combined.

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