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New publication! Surprising evolutionary properties of cancer long noncoding RNAs

Our recently graduated PhD student Adrienne Vancura, now at the Whitehead Institute, has just published her latest work with GOLD Lab and close collaborator Dr Simon Haefliger (University Hospital of Bern). Adrienne has created the latest and best version of our much-loved Cancer LncRNA Census (version 3), a unique resource of disease genes with a wide range of uses. During this effort, Adrienne made the unexpected observation that, contrary to expectation, many cancer-promoting lncRNAs are no more evolutionarily conserved than expected by chance. This is important, since evolutionary conservation is a widely-used metric for ranking lncRNAs for disease studies. Intriguingly, this also implies that many disease lncRNAs may have originated relatively recently during evolution. Read the full story here:


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